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Fields have the following structure:


All fields evaluate to a number.

The following are available fields.


Most of the specific tags can be located in their respective character/weapon/artifact page. For example, if you are looking for the tag for Lisa's A4 (defense shred), look in Lisa's character page.

energycharacter--character's current energy
cdcharacterskill burst-cooldown remaining on skill/burst in frames
stam---player's current stamina
statussee each character--these are character specialized statuses, usually used to keep track of buffs
tagscharactersee each character --these are character specialized tags as defined by each character
debuffres or deft1 or t2 etc...tagEvaluates to the remaining duration of a specified default tag. See the relevant character/weapon/artifact page for acceptable tag
elementt1 or t2 etc...pryo hydro cryo electro frozen ec-1 if the specified element exists, 0 otherwise
readycharacterskill burst-shorthand to check both cooldown and energy is ready
modscharactertag-Evaluate to remaining duration of stat mods active on the specified character. See individual character page for acceptable tag
infusioncharactertag-Evaluate to remaining duration of infusion on the specified character. See individual character page for acceptable tag
constructduration or counttag-Evalues to the duration or count of the specified tag. See individual character page for acceptable tag
normalcharacter--Evalutes to the next normal attack number in a combo for the specified character
charactertag--These are character specific fields. See individual character page for details