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gcsim Guides

Get started with gcsim by checking out the following guides:

Building a Simulation from Scratch

Here we build a basic simulation of a Raiden team from scratch.

Understanding Config Files

Learn the basic structure behind a gcsim config file.

Importing Your Own Characters

Learn how to import your own characters from Enka.Network or Genshin Optimizer.

Importing From Existing Sim

Learn how to import from an existing simulation either from the database or from another source.

Installing the CLI

Learn how to install the gcsim CLI for more advanced use cases.

Using the CLI

Learn how to use the gcsim CLI to execute a gcsim config.

Optimizing Artifact Substats

Learn how to use the substat optimizer to produce "optimized" substats under KQM standards.

Migrating from v0 to v1

Learn how to migrate your configs to gcsim v1 coming from gcsim v0.